Google Chrome More Popular than IE

by Yves Dagenais on May 24 2012

Google’s Chrome browser was the most popular browser used on Sunday March 18th, 2012.
That’s significant as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has maintained a pretty strong hold on the lead in the browser war.

These stats are based on StatCounter by GlobalStats, a respected source for online user usage stats. Other services might have different stats but regardless, their stats are a really good indicator of what’s going on in the browser world.

Here’s a graph of March 18th, 2012 with Chrome in the lead by 0.21% with a total of 32.71% of the browser market share.

Browsers Worldwide on March 18, 2012

Seems that Brazil, India and Russia really like their Google Chrome and that is what contributed to Chrome’s fame for the day.

Browser usage for India

Browser usage for Brazil

Browser usage for Russia

MS Internet Explorer is still going strong here in North America but Chrome is making inroads.

Browser usage for North America

Source: Chrome is world's number one browser for a day

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