Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View Broken Document Icon

by Yves Dagenais on November 5 2012

To help inform Internet Explorer that your site was built to meet their modern browsers, you need to add some code:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge,chrome=1" />

The IE=Edge indicates to the browser that the webpage should be rendered using the highest mode available. A conservative setting would be to set it to the latest browser you’ve tested such as IE=9. You can view all of the options at Microsoft’s MSDN.

The second parameter chrome=1 is unrelated to the topic of this post but is related to issues surrounding page rendering. Chromium makes a plug-in for IE 6-9 that causes a web site to render using Chromium’s rendering technology. With that said, the setting chrome=1 instructs the browser with that plug-in that you’d want it to render using the Chromium engine. More details can be found at :

On a current note, playing with Microsoft’s Windows 8 Developer Preview, I tried the Internet Explorer 10 that was bundled with this distribution.
Compatibility View Issue on using IE10 on Window 8 Developer Preview
Seems that the Compatibility View broken icon is displayed at all times. I truly hope this is an issue with this pre-release edition and that Microsoft’s final release with respect the meta tag instructions.

For those that might be interested, here’s a link to Microsoft’s list of sites that it specifically manages Compatibility View behaviour: Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View List

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  1. I have Internet Explorer but do not have that needed Icon. I have Windows 10

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