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Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View Broken Document Icon

Great design and usability is imperative in today’s web development. It is sometimes challenging to build web sites with the desired features, design and usability that will work as expected in all browsers and platforms. Many of us go to great lengths to try and ensure our guests and members have a great user experience.
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Google Chrome More Popular than IE

Google’s Chrome browser was the most popular browser used on Sunday March 18th, 2012.
That’s significant as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has maintained a pretty strong hold on the lead in the browser war.
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Let Googlebot crawl JavaScript and CSS

Allowing Googlebot to crawl your JavaScript and CSS content is a good thing explains Matt Cutts, Google’s head of the Webspam team.
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ASCII Diagram Tools

In more than one occasion I wanted the ability to diagram something in text. ¬†Unfortunately, there aren’t many ASCII diagram drawing tools; especially for the Mac.
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VirtualBox VBOX_E_NOT_SUPPORTED Drive Resize Error

Need more space for your virtual box? No problem right? ¬†But you’re scratching your head with this VBOX_E_NOT_SUPPORTED … format is not implemented yet! error?
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